LDH 30-160 TONS High Speed Post Guide Precision Presses
Unitized high quality casting frame structure especially suitable for precision electronic components and hardware workpieces.
Equipped with double die-set post guides to ensure the positioning accuracy by long high-speed working hours.
Compliance with CNS super grade accuracy criterion.
•Hydraulic slide lock protect.
•Die height indicator.
•Reset type counter.
•Front and behind of safety door control protect.
•Crank angle indicator.
•Independent type control panel.
•Air ejector protect.
•Dies of light.
•Air motor of slide adjustment protect.
Quick die change system. (Q.D.C.)
•Against vibration protect.
•Dies of rated tonnage point check-out protect.
•Dies of load monitor.
•Coil material lubricating system.
•Flywheel brake.