LSS 200-1000 TONS Straight Side Single Crank Presses
Straight side single crank press, rigid-frame design, with extra wide and long 8-point slide rail suitable for the processing of heavy load and thick material.
Using split-type high-torque clutch and brake system, an innovation of efficiency and delicacy at work.
Multi-function control system allows for optional integration with various automatic devices for increasing output.
•Hydraulic overload protector.
•Force-cycle lubrication system.
•Slid & die balancer.
•Electrical slide adjustment device.
•Die height indicator.
•Crank angle indicator.
•Power take off shaft .
•Inverter/Variable speed motor.
•Photoelectric safety device.
•Pneumatic die cushion.
•Slide knockout device.
•Foot pedal switch.
•Quick die change system. (Q.D.C.)
•Load monitor.
•Robot of automatism.
•Automatic transfer device.
•Flywheel brake device.
•Micro inching device.