LPD 15-65 TONS High Speed Precision Power Presses
Long slide guidance designed slide block, equipped with air balancer system to ensure dynamic balance and accuracy, suitable for progressive dies.
Equipped with microcomputer control system, automatic stop angle positioning accuracy adjustment.
Compliance with CNS super grade accuracy criterion.

•Automatic lubrication system.

•Knockout device of slide.
•Counter balance.
•Crank angle indicator.
•Handle slide adjusting device.
•Power take off shaft.
•Separate type electrical control panel.
•Die height indicator. (65 tons optional)
•Stuck on bottom release device.
(65 tons optional)
•Magnetic stroke counter.
•Air ejector protect.
•Maintenance tool.
•Quick die change system. (Q.D.C.)
•Against vibration protect.
•Dies of rated tonnage point checkout protect.
•Dies of light.